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18 Март 2016
« към Търси се

We are looking for one volunteer for an EVS starting on September, 1rst, 2016 and ending on June, 30th, 2017.

We are looking for someone who is willing to work in team, has a sense of initiative and who is also open-minded, communicative and not introverted.
Having a personnal project would be a big plus.

So if SO want to apply, he/she has to send me His/her application letter adapted on our project (the direct link do not work so you have to make an enquiry with the city : 'Brest') and his/her CV mailto:agnes.pissavy@bij-brest.org

Application deadline : March, 18th, 2016.

So YP will know if they are pre-selected or not at the end of March.
If yes, we will organise a Skype interview.

We will apply to April, 26th deadline.

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