DayCul (Daily Culture)- Act Daily, Think Interculturally - Training Course, 16-23 March 2016 | Perugia, Umbria, Italy

16 Март 2016
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Training Course

16-23 March 2016 | Perugia, Umbria, Italy

This training project was born from a need to offer participants a chance to discover phenomena of culture and cultural diversity from the “real life oriented” perspective of differences in everyday life.

In specific, exploring Religion, Traditions, Food, Music, Languages, Communication patterns, Relations, Time, Personal culture, Relation towards other cultures, Power issues, Gender Roles in society and all the other things that shape our everyday life (behaviour, identity, beliefs, values and rules) and all of them are deeply rooted in our culture.
By acknowledging the importance of culture in everyday life and understanding that these set of regulations differ from group to group that one belongs to, participants will understand that these topics are essence of intercultural learning and are important part of becoming sensitive to cultural differences.
For the sake of comprehending obstacles (stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and violence) that occur during intercultural dialogue and finding possibilities for overcoming these problems, one first has to understand one’s own culture.

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Deadline: 20 февруари 2016

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