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16 Април 2014
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Participants should be: 
- 2 male participants
- 2 female participants

- Basic English skills;
- 1 participant has to be between the ages of 15-17 years / for each partner (if it is possible)
- 2 participants have to be between the ages of 18-25 years / for each partner
- 1 participant has to be between the ages of 26-30 years / for each partner
!!! Make sure that 2 of the participants / for each partner are young people at risk of social, educational, economical exclusion, young people that are geographically excluded.
There should be a gendre equality between the participants at the seminar
Accommodation will be: Separated by genre and in each room we will have people from different countries and organizations so that the young people can get to know each other better.
Technical information:
The financial conditions are standard: 70% travel expenses + 100% food and lodgement covered by the project.
Please note we will refund all the participants at the end of the exchange of the project. 
Yavor Profirov
2G Vitinya Str.; Beni Building
Entr. A; floor 2; office 7
1517 Sofia; BULGARIA


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